The Competion society

We are a part of a competition society. Why is that? What are we competing for?  Competition creates winners and losers. But to name winners or losers you must have something to compare with, who put the baseline in its place.

What IS a winner?
A winner can only exist if several people compete over the same goal. Why are we doing that?
In the excellent book Debt - the first 5000 years, David Graeber mentions that to become a slave you must remove all relationship bonds to a person, to let him become a 'object' who you classify as a slave. The human value is the relationship bonds we create and enhance. 
In schools it is different. Thousands of students are packed into a building with no close relationships to anyone but a few. 
The teacher have already choosed her role in the relationship with the students, creating a stale response. The learning is about copy and paste information and memorize it for tests where you get grades depending how good you could remember the informations. There is no mutual respect from either sides, as the roles are set. As the teacher identify itself with a authority role it wants encouragements when playing the role well. This he does by demanding obedience.  
Here we have the hierarchy taking shape. As the students (depending on the teachers or parents expectations) are forced to enhance a teacher with obedience for good grades, to not let parents expectations down, there is competition inside yourself aswell, to manage the expectations built by someone else, who doesn't know you only your external result. 

The competition in schools are as following:
* Creating relationships with totally strangers who can give you a value as a humanbody.

Here we can often see teenagers who try hard to enhance themselves as they lack friends who enhance eachother only themselves. This is often happening when one person want to compete for a position in the role hierarchy. As there are roles (stereotypes, photomodels, moviestars) who you can compare yourself with, the expectation to win this role and the relationship enhancement, often creates a copy. The copy compare itself with its environment to find other combatants for this enhanced role. As it is not more than a mask, the person knows how to externally look like and act, but is often competive against others. The competition creates hierarchy and a need to 'put the loosers (the ones who least could adopt the role) in its place'.  The one who mosly succeed in adopting the role is looked upon jealously by the other combatants, as you can't win ANYTHING by enhancing yourself. Only by enhancing other people you genuinely like do you create mutual respect and a platform to build upon.  
  Also if you know yourself you know that it is impossible to compete with ANYONE as we are all unique. Only the role adaptors believe that is possible. You can find genuine people by listening to what they have to say and take interest to the world around you. You might find friendship where you least expect it!

* Competing for impressing teacher and/or get good grades

We dont want to let people who enhance us down. Our mother and father are two of them. They want to see us succeed in school, that is their expectations on us, as they consider us able for school competition. We spend more and more time in school, creating our relationships there, while our relationships at home become only visible at dinner. The less we spend time in a enhancing community  the more we consider ourselves worthless.  As we once again reach the point of stale relations (as we dont create vivid experiences together) we in the end only hear our parents demands. We hear how we fail to live up to their expectations. This makes us create this is the new role we have been given. And the people enhancing us for this role is atlest creating some form of relationship with us. We begin to obay this role amongst the people who say we are that way they think, as it is hurtful to fight and many people dont want to be part of this expectation game. We can alway stop enhancing these people, the expectors, the players, and only enhance people who give us mutual respect, and consider us equal. The people that have expectations over you is trying to enhance themselves using your obedience. 

The game is as following: You meet a anonymous group of people. As the first sense responding is the sight, we take in the image first. The image of a person responds to many different criterias for how we should judge this person, is it looking happy or angry, how is the posture, etc. The face and posture tells us if a person is strong or insecure. If you show signs of weakness they choose to study you closer to see what they might taunt to get your submission, to obey and enhance themselves with your help. This taunting can be anything, but their main goal is to make you adapt to the expected role you have been given. The only way to refuse this role is to gain interaction and create relationships. To give eachother a human worth. For a bully to then force someone to obey their expectations is impossible as the enhancement we give eachother out of respect is stronger.

However, bullys also use violence. As I mentioned in another chapter, is taunting (perception) and violence (quantum) different forms. Perception is formed by the senses and all active choices to move is part of the quantum, and also part of the chaos chain reaction, as we are not still objects but have abilitys to use senses and move at will, just as any animal can. This creates millions of outcomes (reactions) for every impulse we recieve to our senses. We are however alone responsible for own active choices (to interact with world around us) We can create or we can destroy. The enhancement of oneself leads to destruction of others mutual respect, the only enhancers to these people are the obeyers and the defeated players for the competition, who will strike the leader when any sign of weakness occurr. This is called hierarchy, and it is taught to us in school, in commercials, in films, sports, populistic music. All to make us compete eachother, to crave money as our human wealth instead of living relationships. And to be content over it.

We also have a brain with connections that makes it easier for us to view the perception of the world around us.  If fear peptides are let to rule over our neurones without being challenges, our perception of the world shrinks into daily loops. We NEED interaction of all sorts and we NEED diversity of life.


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