The human perception struggles - in a quantum world

Humans are made of chemicals. Our view of a subject even alter depending on what mentality we are experiencing.  Our windows to the outside is through our senses. These senses give us a orientation to a  normal calm state, and how much our experienses through our senses fluxuates from that.
   Our mind dont want much changes as this is a sign that something radical to the outside world is happening.

Own perception

To live in a world filled with sudden expressions have had different reactions to the human mind.  Many people are depressed as they feel the demand of a whole society to please. They prefer to offer themselves up and wear a super ego mask with the traits that got most positive encouragement from people in the society. This mask is their protection, to feel loved in a chaotic world. But they supress themselves in the meantime, creating a need for constant reasurrence that this mask is pleasing the crowd.  As noone can handle to please a whole world they are doomed to fail.

 To have healthy relationships with people who like you for who you are and vice versa creates relations and a sense of worth. Worth can only be felt through relations with other lives.
  However, there are people, in the senses of the mask,  interpret the relations of a life as duty to someone else. They do not consider relationships with other mutual, but of owning status.
    The people wearing the super ego mask are afraid of loosing the role they play, to be transperant. To show others that they have built their own perception, taking bits and peices for the best impact in the society, then put them together to a mask to show. This is why we blush. When we feel a sudden stressful impact to something we are restraining to hide from the light. Something that did not give us enough love or friendship growing up. We consider that a flaw in todays society, when the flaw is to create a mask to fit in.I will discuss the origin of the masks later and what they leads to in another  text.

In our school years we are only learning one way to live, and that is through competition. We learn that there are skills vital to humans to understand  and you can choose who you consider your friends, in a world filled with people just as confused of this chaotic world as you, but with different ways to handle their stress. As childrens brain don't mature until a later stage it is easy to see what impact a filled school with chaotic commands have. Here are some cruicial pedagogic mistakes done by all schools today:

1. Force children to compete for attention. Enhance the top students as a expecting example of what you demand of the other students, breaking childrens selfconfidence for who they are.

2. Grade children, thus creating a hierarchy of good students and bad students. This division, give the children  their first expecting roles in a society.  This given role makes the children group to others given the same role by society and school. As this role seems to be a way for a child not to feel like letting anyones expectations down. They rather stand the scolding of school authority being a bad seed than proving otherwise and being let down again when not handeling the pressure of better expectations.  This is a fucked up pedagogic view of children. This hierarchic grouping is made through all positive traits a person can have to sort out popularity, nerds, athletes etc. Its what happens when you take a chaotic mass and try to make it act linear.

3.  To be a teacher should be about never wanting to stop learning from the world around you, and especially from your students. I am tired of teachers asking the same dusty questions to children over and over. Why don't the CHILDREN get to ask the questions they are thinking about with no relevance to any subject, and the teacher helps finding the answer and to support the curiosity of childrens minds? Their should be a mutual transfer of thoughts and views from a teacher and its students. knowledge is a living thing. It will never stop evolving, because its part of our senses and perceptions. To say to children I am right learn exactly what I do, is doomed. There is no creation there, just stagnation.

Perception of others

4.  Humans have problems seperating active choices from perception.  To alter a movement of yourself or a dead object in the quantum world of chaos, leads to chain reactions, like rings on water.
An example:
I aim at your cheek, I collide my hand against you (reaction transferrance) you feel pain, and scream (reaction transferrance) people hear you and come running  your direction. (reaction transferrance) I see people coming running. What is my first thought?
My first thought is that they will alter my perception in my society that I cant be trusted. My second thought is that they are more than me, thus I wont be able to defend myself, as their preferred relation is with the hit person.
Here is something important. To grow up is to learn that yourself are resposible for YOUR active choices. Noone else.  I closed my hand, I took aim and I hit. Why I did this? What chain reaction did I want to achieve? Did I have a reason?
To take responsibility for your active choice of actions in the quantum world is cruicial if you want to mature mentally. To know that active choices involving other living beings is a transferrence of action that can either destroy or create.

5. In school, a normal student age 8 (likes toys, cats and playing outside)   would not want to learn anything from mrs Higgins age 57 (likes gardening, opera and dogbreeding)  as he is only having a relation with her because of expectations from his parents (wich he have a good relationship with) to learn math from her. This relation is doomed to fail, as Mrs Higgins dont want to interact with the children in any other way than to get respect as an authority (this hierarchy again) and by this their is no living relationship forming, the roles have been set, the players take their place.
   As I said before, learning is something living. Its a exchange between people to create a knowledge and to realize it have the same plasticity as your brain.

6. As students spend most of their time in school, playing with schoolmates, doing homework. After a while their most strong relationships are formed in school. The parents become a role of providers, as they only start to spend time during food, and that the child is depended on the parent for a home. But as long as parents choose to spend the most of their weekly time at work, and the child spend most of their weekly time at school, there is no fluid relationship or deep bonding occurring. This can only happen when you share experiences together and connect memories in your brain. The more you spend time with a person the more bonding experience, as the peptide connection to this person grows stronger the more you enhance it (this goes for both good and bad peptides unfortunately).
This ends up in the end of very shallow relationships where only the most crucial is discussed and where the parents demands debts for their care. The fluid relationship have gone into a role bound one. You no longer dare to reach out and break the expected role you have. Because they are no longer bonding with you in other way than through material stability, as a way to compensate.

7. We dont learn critical thinking. To read a text in school is not to think what it actually says but to memorize it. There are many texts in school, that enhance the imperial leaders gain over the world and pose them as something normal occurring. There is no discussion what creates a war. Who are the actual victims. What is the traumas on both sides. What is the psychological reason behind a war, and once again, no discussion about the active choices you alone are responsible for. The grouping of stereotypes, of mentality bound and honour role playing humans and their destructions, they dont mention. We dont get to learn what it means to be human.

To put it short; a living relationship is one with mutual interest exists, a stagnant one is when we get stuck in others expectations and perform that role, to stiffen that role and pretend its authority.  

Perception of the world

This is the things we learn from school. This is what legacy we bring to the world. What knowledge our society enhance. To bring fourth a army of labourers, of consumers and of soliders - as our ultimate sacrifice to our guardian state.
   Who are these people who support this system? We all are. We labour, we consume and we go to war. But why?! Its a simple answer. Because we want to support the ones we love. Bu why do they allow this sacrifice?! This is where I start to wonder.. Is there some sort of expectancys playing its role again. The gender expectancys? The players again set on the table, the coordinates calculated - marries, child, house..
Is the sacrifices nessecary? Isn't all we want, to spend time with our family and interact freely with humans that we do NOT meet at work, school etc. To remove the uncertain fear of the others. To open the perception of the world. Instead we stick in these loops with no visual way out. Our mind too tired to think about these things. We take them for granted. They are the visual road for all, down into the mincer. Once you accept the role as you have been given by society, it is called you are grown up. you can now look angrily on other people who doesnt play their role as flawlessly as you. You get to call them idiots. This role you will defend, and you will learn what is expected of this role you play, and do it good so you get higher honour among the people who is enhancing you for this role.

Perception of insights

We enhance visionarys because they give us something concrete for our senses to see, a direction, a orientation. But what we dont realize is that we all the time give mindseeds of creativity to eachother. By interaction with people we have a constant exchange through our senses. Many seeds stick in our mind and when the right nutricion comes (in the form of good sleep, nutricious foods, relaxing state etc) they pop out a small neuron root that you suddenly begin to think about and the more you nurture the root the bigger rootsystem will grow from that. This is why interaction with people is important to humans. We create, that is the humans biggest gift to the world. Not just esteticly but through knowledge, food  etc. We have a curious mind and that means we love diversity. In a stagnant place, like most of our homes today, we feel locked in.

Perception of Quantum

But outside there are quantum experiences all the time like a hive of ants.
We try to cope living close to other peoples active choices, that we can't controll. This is scary. The uncertainty of someone uncertain. Our brain trying to get a grip on the uncertainty use scarce information (newspaper articles, gossip etc) trying to fill the void of the uncertainty, trying to understand using imagination filling the rest of the blanks. As interaction is the only way to challenge fearbound uncertainty, we try hard to segregate ourselves from the ones we heard most bad scarce information about. We believe that newspaper articles makes up to explain how a foreighn family is like, "If you know one, you know them all" logic, that is very fascistic and scary. There is one of my favourite sayings:

"If you visited China for 3 weeks, you want to write a book, but if you lived there for 15 years, you know that you know nothing and shut up."

It is scary to know anything CAN happen in the world of quantum, based upon active choises, enhancement, time, action transfers. We dont know where one active choice might result in. But what we can do is to learn that all choices to move our limbs or use our senses. Takes in the quantinum world and explains it to our mind.  However, as a human, you are sole responible for your active choices to alter the quantinum world, in a creative way or destructive. To be free is to be able to do so. But all destructive choices are YOURS to explain to all the action translaters. You must know the chaos world to live a motoric world in peace. The perception of yourself is noones business but yourself. It has naught to do with others. You are free to express however you preferr. But remember that hate give birth to hate. If you cant seperate quantinum active choices against stereotypical hate figures. you will never find peace.


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